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The Music Blog 42, March 2018

"You Can’t See Me is an epic of a track for a debut. For this to be their first track proves that they have enormous potential, and with an album on the way later this year, expect to hear more and more from Cambridge’s new post-punk heroes."

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K-Fuel's Kerosene radio show (France), September 2013

"Lester Brome :  Dans ce groupe, on retrouve avec plaisir John Clare, le chanteur hurleur de Bomb Factory. Un post-punk classique et terriblement efficace avec une pochette qui rend hommage à ce vieux con de Mark E Smith."

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Sound of Music, September 2013

"Paint Nothing are a band charged with escaping banality as it's manifest, and want to take you with them. They deliver by making loud post-punk noise that kicks you into the middle of next week, giving you plenty to think about, not least about getting out in/of the way of the frontman who abandons the stage and paces around the room with an added ferocity that is rarely seen in today's identikit stage arrangement. Their first gig was a 17 minute force to be reckoned with, waking the 40 odd assembled crowd up with a musical equivalent of a punch to the face."

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K-Fuel's Kerosene radio show (France), April 2013

"Un nouveau groupe anglais post punk qui n’est pas sans rappeler Total Victory et The Fall. Si la voix ne vous est pas étrangère, c’est normal puisqu’on y retrouve le chanteur des excellents Bomb Factory. Super titre et vivement la suite ou la cuite c’est selon."

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